Is Ecobank among the Top 3 banks in Africa in perceived Quality?

Recently, Ecobank leaders shared that the Togo-based bank is positioned in the top 3 banks in Africa in 15 countries (out of the 33 African countries they operate in). This was the opportunity for us to check actual numbers leveraging our continuous Brand Health Tracker in Africa, SagaBrand. We looked more specifically at one of the 16 brand performance KPIs we track on a monthly basis: brand quality perception. We surveyed our online research panel in May 2022 in 13 of the countries where Ecobank is present, leveraging our online panel in Benin, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia or Gabon among others. 

It turns out the results are a bit more contrasted than it would seem, at least based on the specific KPI and geographies considered in this article. To note that these might not necessarily be the same criteria used by Ecobank (those were not specified in the source article).

Ecobank, in the Top 3 banks in several Francophone Africa markets

To the question about which brand panelists are aware of represents good quality in the bank category, Ecobank performs really well in its stronghold of the Francophone markets. Indeed,the bank comes first in both Senegal and Guinea in terms of quality perceived. In Senegal, Ecobank is ahead of Banque Islamique du Sénégal, CBAO (from Moroccan Attijariwafa Bank), Société Générale and Bank of Africa. In Guinea, Ecobank leads in front UBA, Société Générale, Banque Islamique de Guinée and Orabank

Ecobank takes 2nd place in Quality ranking in Côte d’Ivoire (ahead of Société Générale) and 3rd place in Benin. It is not far from the Top 3 in Cameroon and Gabon where it ranks in 4th position. 

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Is Ecobank also one of the best banks in Africa in nonfrancophone countries? 

Consumers in Anglophone and Lusophone markets don’t have such a high perception of the bank when it comes to Quality. In fact, Ecobank has a Quality score ranging only between 21% and 34% in these countries. In contrast, the bank scores between 48% and 80% (Benin) in Quality in Francophone markets. 

Below Ecobank actual ranking for May 2022 in non-Francophone markets:

  • Zambia > 11th bank (with FNB in 1st position)
  • Zimbabwe > 11th bank (with Standard Chartered in 1st position)
  • Mozambique > 11th bank (with Standard Bank in 1st position)
  • Nigeria > 12th bank (with GT Bank in 1st position)
  • Uganda > 13th bank (with Centenary Bank in 1st position)
  • Kenya > 14th bank (with KCB in 1st position)
  • Tanzania > 15th bank (with CRDB in 1st position)
Ecobank positioning across Africa in Quality perception

Finally, for the complete ranking of banks across the 13 countries surveyed, please click below.

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