Track your brand performance across Africa. Continuously.

Use our SagaBrand product to track your brand performance across 19 African countries and visualize insights and data, all in one place.



Consumer Goods / FMCG

Dairy, Spirits, Beer, Water, Juices & Soft Drinks, Confectionery & Snacks, Rice Pasta and Noodles, Sauces Dressings & Condiments

Non FMCG and Retail

Cafés & Restaurants, Grocery Retail, Sportswear & Fashion, Beauty & Personal Care, OTC Drugs, Home Care, Household Appliances, E-Commerce, Social Media, Streaming Movies & Music, Media TV Radio & Print, Electronics, Car Manufacturers


Airlines, Telecom, Insurance, Banks & Financial Services, Transportation & Delivery


North Africa
East Africa
West and Central Africa
DR Congo
Ivory Coast
Southern Africa
South Africa


Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual

Pick your category and country, and start getting data on your brand performance!

A simple way to start getting data on your brand performance but also on your competitors. We use a standard questionnaire and approach across all countries and categories, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Pick your category
Pick your countries of interest
Select your frequency

Track 14 indicators for your brand and competitors

Gives you immediate insights on your brand and your competitors in the local market

Brand awareness and visibility
Brand purchase
Brand image, satisfaction and recommendation

What does SagaBrand track?

Good Quality / Poor Quality
Ever Purchased
Recently Purchased
Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction
Recommendation / Avoid
Future Consideration
Purchase Intent

Continuously collect data and insights related to your brand

Track brand performance

Monitor your brand health on an ongoing basis.

Benchmark yourself against your peers

Assess how your brand is doing against competitors

Monitor competitive threats

Track new up and coming brands in your market

Assess your brand image

Track your brand image KPIs and see how perceptions evolve

Measure the impact of your marketing activities

Assess how your marketing activities are impacting  your brand metrics

Assess the buzz around brands

Keep an eye on word-of-mouth and other buzz metrics


Immediate online access to collected data

No need to wait for a report, immediate access to the data, pre-analyzed and pre-charted. Our platform transforms raw data into structured analyses for your business

Online dashboard with all historical data
Downloadable reports
Downloadable datasets in XLS or CSV format

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Our insights from SagaBrand, our brand performance tool

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    SagaCube provides a unique insight into consumption and purchase habits across Africa for dairy products and many other categories. Over the last 12 months, South Africa had the greatest proportion of cheese consumption. 48% of its adult population said they had consumed cheese in the 4 weeks prior to completing the survey. In second place,

  • Foodservice in South Africa: Which brands do consumers recommend?

    In this article, we share the results of the September brand-tracker, taking a look at which brands consumers would recommend most for foodservice in South Africa. Each month, consumers across Africa provide their opinions about the brands they love and hate. The results from the SagaBrand surveys can provide you with an insight into the

  • Financial Product brands in Egypt – Customer Satisfaction

    Next up in our focus on Financial Products & Services: the results for the September SagaBrand surveys conducted in Egypt. Read more: Top 10 banks in Uganda for customer satisfaction Sagaci Webinar – Financial Services in Africa Satisfaction across Financial Services in South Africa SagaBrand is a syndicated monthly brand health performance tracker. We conduct

  • Top 10 banks in Uganda for customer satisfaction

    As banking usage rises across the African continent, it’s a hot topic for banks to make sure they are performing ahead of the competition. This month our focus is on Uganda. Using data collected from our monthly SagaBrand surveys, we have compiled a list of the top 10 banks in Uganda, in terms of customer