Sagaci Webinar – Financial Services in Africa

Event summary

On Thursday 23rd September 2021, we hosted our Financial Services in Africa webinar. Our product and research teams took an in-depth look at how consumer habits and attitudes are shaping the industry across the continent.

Please note that our sample only takes into account respondents with access to a mobile phone with internet. For more information about the methodology, please contact us.

Key themes and topics – Financial Services in Africa

Overview of financial products and services

  • Sagaci Research methodology
  • Bankarization levels across Africa
  • Penetration of credit cards and savings / current accounts
  • Online banking usage
  • Digital solutions in Kenya
  • Financial institution choice drivers
  • Islamic banking
  • Borrowing habits – including differences between the penetration, purpose and source of borrowing
  • Mobile money
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payment methods

Overview of leading financial service brands in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

  • Sagaci Methodology – SagaBrand
  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Satisfaction

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