Online panel in Uganda

Our representative online panel is mobile based to ensure deep reach and fast turnaround times. You will be able to have thousands of respondents in a highly engaged online panel, and detailed answers to your questions – with results available in a few days.

In Uganda, our online sample assesses more than 500 brands on a daily basis.

Representative online panel in Uganda with a robust quality

Sagaci Research consumer panel in Uganda has thousands of panel members and covers the major cities of the country (Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono…).

The surveys normally ask a nationwide panel to select brands and products that they had been a customer of. Amongst other questions, the surveys can also ask our online and engaged respondents if they were satisfied or dissatisfied with those brands and products.

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Diverse group of people with our sample provider in the African continent

Sagaci Research’s online panel in Uganda is a dynamic and demographically diverse group of people who do not hesitate to share their honest opinion with us on all kinds of topics.

The daily surveys are fun and entertaining which keeps our members continuously engaged. 

Our dedicated panel is representative of the national population. Therefore, you can break down the results for 14 different KPIs by the demographics that interest you.

Benefits of our online panel in Uganda


Access customers across the country through a simple click


Trusted and engaged members providing high-quality answers


Nationally representative sample cutting across all socio-demographics: age, gender, income, urban / rural,…


Gather massive amounts of data in a short-time frame


Leverage profiling data to target specific groups


Quick-turn around times and accelerated fieldwork

Some insights from our online panels

One of the ways online samples can be useful is to track brands on a continuous basis and against their competitors. This is what we did earlier this year with spirit brands in Uganda and we had some interesting results. Indeed, the local brand Waragi gin outperformed all his competitors across the 16 KPIs we monitor.

For example 92% of our panel responded that they knew of the Uganda Waragi brand. In contrast, less than 10% knew of international brands such as Tanqueray, Beefeater or Bombay Sapphire. In parallel, 86% of Uganda Waragi drinkers were satisfied with the brand and 88% were happy to recommend the brand to a friend. In an outstanding performance, this Ugandan brand ranked in first place across the board.

Panel Demographics in Uganda

Country population

43 million


85 %


15 %

Smartphone penetration

~ 35 %

By Age groups

18 to 25 55%
26 to 35 35%
36 to 45 7%
46 to 55 1%
Above 55 1%

By Gender

Male 55%
Female 45%

By Socioeconomic Classification

A 8%
B 8%
C1 11%
C2 12%
D 34%
E 24%
N/A 3%

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