Consumers favourite banks in Kenya revealed

This article is exploring consumers’ favourite banks in Kenya in 2022 as the Kenya banking industry has seen steady growth in recent years. It has also gone through a number of important changes. The most notable one might be the increasing use of technology (mobile banking and digital platforms), to expand access to financial services and reach underserved segments of the population. With over 50 commercial banks competing in the market, which banks have managed to win customers’ preference in 2022?

Favourite banks in Kenya according to SagaBrand online panel

As part of SagaBrand, the monthly Brand Health Tracker in Kenya, we asked members of our online panel in Kenya which one is their favourite bank among the banks they have ever banked with. While some multinational banks make it to the Top 10 ranking for 2022, the three banks leading in the top 3 all originate from Kenya demonstrating consumer trust in Kenyan banks. 

Kenyan bank KCB on top of most preferred banks in Kenya

Indeed, KCB leads the way with 44% Preference rate, closely followed by Equity Bank at 43%. Co-Operative Bank comes third at 35%. 

Here is the ranking of the top banks in Kenya as per SagaBrand panelists:

  1.  KCB Bank Kenya Limited (from the parent company KCB Group
  2. Equity Bank (owned by Equity Group Holdings
  3. Co-operative Bank (from the parent company Co-opHoldings Co-operative Society Limited)
  4. Standard Chartered Bank  (owned by Standard Chartered plc )
  5. NCBA (from the parent company NCBA Group Plc) 
  6. ABSA (owned by South African Absa Group Limited)
  7. Stanbic Bank (owned by South African Stanbic Africa Holdings Limited)
  8. Family Bank
  9. I&M Bank (from the parent company I&M Group PLC
  10. National Bank of Kenya (NBK) (from the parent company KCB Group)
Favourite banks in Kenya in 2022

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SagaBrand, the continuous tracking tool for brands across the African continent. Our online panel assesses around 2,000 brands on a daily basis. 

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Period: January to December 2022