The Top 20 FMCG brands in Senegal

Discover the leading FMCG brands in Senegal for May 2024! Recently we invited members of our online panel in Senegal to share the content of their shopping basket using the SagaPoll online survey app. By sharing details on the packaged goods they purchase on a daily basis (barcode scan, image, format, price, etc), panel members provide valuable insights into consumer preferences in Senegal.

Shopping habits in Senegal

Consumers in Senegal demonstrate a strong preference for non-alcoholic beverages, condiments, personal and home care products in their daily lives. 

According to this shopping basket exercise, the most popular FMCG brands in Senegal are local water brands Séo, Kirène, and Casamançaise. Additionally, other favorites are Day by Day men’s post-shave and body lotion products by Dream Cosmetics from Côte d’Ivoire, Jadida margarine from Tunisia, and Primo fruit juice from Benin. Furthermore, Linguère ketchup, Maynès mayonnaise, and Reine mustard, all produced in Senegal, are also part of consumers’ regular diets. Finally, Madar, recently voted recently voted #1 brand in the laundry detergent category in Senegal in a SagaBrand survey, also appears in this ranking with its multi-purpose cleaning product.

FMCG brands in Senegal
Snapshot of the shopping basket of Senegalese consumers in 2024
Here is the FMCG products ranking in Senegal as of May 2024:
SéoBottled WaterPlastic Bottle, 350mlCMGASenegal
KirèneBottled WaterPlastic Bottle, 1,5lGroupe KirèneSenegal
CasamançaiseBottled WaterPlastic Bottle, 1,5lSODECASenegal
Day by DayMen’s Post-ShavePlastic Bottle, 125mlDream CosmeticsIvory Coast
JadidaMargarineCup/Pot, 500gMed Oil CompanyTunisia
Primo Pineapple Flavour JuicePlastic Bottle, 230mlLes Jus PrimoBenin
NescaféInstant CoffeeSachet, 1,5gNestléSwitzerland
KirèneBottled WaterPlastic Bottle, 10lGroupe KirèneSenegal
CasamançaiseBottled WaterPlastic Bottle, 10lSODECASenegal
Thé FlechaTeaPaper box, 25gZhejiang Chunli Tea Co.,Ltd.China
ReineMustardGlass Bottle, 370gSosagrinSenegal
DolimaVanilla YoghurtSachet, 80gLa Laiterie du BergerSenegal
LaicranPowder MilkSachet, 20gLactalis InternationalFrance
DontodentToothpastePaper box, 180gZhejiang Airsun Commodity Co.China
MaynèsMayonnaisePlastic Bottle, 5lPatisenSenegal
MadarDishwashing LiquidsPlastic Bottle, 850gMadar GroupSenegal
NovaBeauty and Personal CarePlastic Bottle, 500mlSIVOP GroupIvory Coast
LinguèreKetchupPlastic Bottle, 340gAgrolineSenegal
Day by DayBody lotion/creamPlastic Bottle, 500mlDream CosmeticsIvory Coast
ChocopainChocolate SpreadsCup/Pot, 1kgPatisenSenegal

Senegalese FMCG brands account for over half of typical consumer basket

This survey reveals the strength of the FMCG sector in Senegal. Indeed, we can see a clear preference for locally made products, following a similar consumption trend as in Cameroon. While food is mostly local, beauty and hygiene products are often imported, mainly from Côte d’Ivoire’s strong cosmetic industry. However, there are notable exceptions, as some products originate from China, such as Dontodent toothpaste and Fletcha tea.

FMCG brands in Senegal

More on the leading FMCG brands in Senegal in 2024

In conclusion, this data from our online panel provides valuable insights into Senegalese consumer preferences and shopping behaviours. It enables businesses to make more informed decisions. To conduct market research in Senegal or to learn more about consumer behaviour in this region, contact us today. Email us at or click below to get in touch.


This data is sourced from our Shopping Panel within SagaPoll, Africa’s largest online panel. 

Population: adults in Senegal above 18 years old

Base: 790 panel members

Period: 13th to 20th May 2024