Consumer Trends in Nigeria in 2024: Insights from our Shopper Panel

Explore with us the consumer trends in Nigeria for 2024. A few days ago we asked members of our online panel in Nigeria to share with us, on the spot, the content of their shopping basket. Via the SagaPoll app, hundreds of consumers scanned the packaged goods they had bought, took a picture and included a receipt when relevant.

Shopping habits in Nigeria

So what did we learn about consumer preferences in Nigeria?

To start, non-alcoholic beverages play a pivotal role in the daily lives of Nigerians. From essential water to indulgent carbonated soft drinks and invigorating energy drinks, these are staple purchases. Additionally, Nigerian consumers frequently prioritize items such as toothpaste, detergent, powdered milk, instant noodles, margarine, and deodorant during their shopping excursions.

Here is the Top 20 of the most popular packaged goods (FMCG) in Nigeria at the end of February 2024:

  1. Coca-Cola (50cl plastic bottle)
  2. Pepsi (50cl plastic bottle)
  3. Coca-Cola (50cl glass bottle)
  4. Mr V water (75cl plastic bottle)
  5. Milo chocolate flavoured powder drink (20g sachet)
  6. Fearless energy drink (500ml plastic bottle)
  7. Oral-B toothpaste (130g paper box)
  8. Viva laundry detergent (850g sachet)
  9. Fanta Orange (50cl plastic bottle)
  10. Aquafina water (75cl plastic bottle)
  11. Peak powder milk (14g sachet)
  12. Maltina Malt-based beverage (33cl can)
  13. Indomie Instant Noodles – chicken (70g sachet)
  14. Eva water (75cl plastic bottle)
  15. CWAY water (75cl plastic bottle)
  16. Gino curry powder (3.5g sachet)
  17. Golden Penny margarine (250g cup)
  18. Cowbell coffee whitener/creamer (12g sachet)
  19. Hypo spot and stain remover (75ml sachet)
  20. Nivea Deodorant Roll-On (50ml glass bottle)
Consumer trends in Nigeria in 2024 – Shopping basket

In fact, we regularly dive into shoppers’ insights in Africa. For example, we recently looked into Mozambican shopping baskets and found a very different picture in terms of purchasing patterns.

More on consumer trends in Nigeria in 2024

To conclude, this data stems from our extensive online panel in Africa, giving us an unparalleled and real-time understanding of shopping trends and brand preferences in Nigeria and across the continent.

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This data is extracted from our Shopping Panel within SagaPoll, Africa’s largest online panel. 

Population: adults in Nigeria above 18 years old

Base: 612 consumers

Period: 26th to 28th February 2024

© Cover Photo by Sagaci Research, table top in Lagos, Nigeria