2024 Mozambican Consumer Trends: Shopping Insights & Preferences

Explore Mozambican consumer trends for 2024 leveraging our Shopper panel insights. In early February 2024, we engaged members of our online panel in Mozambique to share the contents of their actual shopping baskets. Participants scanned items and provided photos of their purchases along with receipts (when buying from modern trade outlets like supermarkets).

From cooking ingredients, water, milk to household essentials (detergent, toothpaste), Mozambicans rely on a variety of products for their daily needs. 

Shopping preferences of Mozambican consumers in 2024

As we explore Consumer behaviour and shopping trends in Mozambique in 2024 we find the following most popular packaged goods (FMCG):

  1. Benny stock powder (17g sachet)
  2. Benny stock powder (714g box)
  3. Crosse & Blackwell mayonnaise (750g glass bottle)
  4. Limpo mosquito insecticide (100g box)
  5. Rajah curry powder (50g box) 
  6. Five Roses tea (65g box)
  7. Bela pasta (400g sachet) – 
  8. Pala Pala matches (40 units box)
  9. Vumba water (1,5l bottle)
  10. Clover UHT milk (1l Tetra Pack)  
  11. Maq laundry detergent (500g pack)
  12. Sunlight dishwashing liquid (750ml plastic bottle)
  13. Aquafresh toothpaste (100ml tube)
  14. Ricoffy instant coffee (100g can)
  15. Maq powder detergent (2kg sachet)
  16. Mariana pasta (400g sachet)
  17. Rock Boom energy drink (320ml plastic bottle) 
  18. Autopac Maputo sugar (1kg sachet)
  19. Milo chocolate flavoured powder drink (250g) 
  20. Colgate toothpaste (140g tube)
Mozambican consumer trends
Snapshot of the shopping basket of Mozambican consumers in 2024

Besides international and regional brands, it is inspiring to witness the presence of local favorites like Bela and Mariana pasta, Vumba water, or Autopac Maputo sugar, showcasing the dynamism of Mozambique’s consumer market.

More on the Mozambican Consumer Trends in 2024

This is just a small example of the power of our online panel in Africa. It provides us with an unparalleled and real-time insight into shopping trends and brand preferences in Mozambique and across the continent. 

If you would like more Mozambican market insights for 2024 (or other African countries)  or explore how to leverage online research in Africa, get in touch with us. Please send an email to contact@sagaciresearch.com or click below.


This data is sourced from our Shopping Panel within SagaPoll, Africa’s largest online panel, with over 400 brands scanned. 

Population: adults in Mozambique above 18 years old

Base: 551 consumers based in Mozambique

Period: 1st to 6th February 2024

© Cover Photo by a SagaShopper, shopper panel member in Mozambique