Consumer trends in Cameroon: Insights from Top 20 FMCG products

Discover the latest consumer trends in Cameroon for 2024! Recently, we engaged members of our online panel in Cameroon to share their shopping basket contents in real-time using the SagaPoll app. Through this initiative, hundreds of respondents scanned their purchased packaged goods, providing valuable insights into consumer preferences.

Shopping habits in Cameroon

Non-alcoholic beverages hold significant importance in the daily lives of Cameroonians, much like their importance in neighbouring Nigeria. From essential bottled water to indulgent carbonated soft drinks, revitalizing energy drinks and malt-based beverages, these items are staple purchases. Also, unsurprisingly, consumers in Cameroon tend to prioritize household essentials such as palm oil, coffee whitener, margarine as well as detergents during their daily shopping trips.

Consumer trends in Cameroon in 2024 – Shopping basket

Top 20 FMCG brands most scanned in Cameroon

Here are the Top 20 most popular packaged goods (FMCG) in Cameroon as of February 2024 based on the number of scans by the consumer panel:

1. Supermont Bottled WaterPlastic Bottle 1.5lSource du Pays Cameroon
2. Mayor Palm OilPlastic Bottle 1lSociété Camerounaise de Raffinage MayaCameroon
3. PlanetCarbonated Soft Drinks Plastic Bottle 1.25lSource du Pays  / Monarch BeveragesCameroon
4. Top (orange)Carbonated Soft DrinksPlastic Bottle 1lLes Boissons du Cameroun / Groupe CastelCameroon
5. VitaleBottled WaterPlastic Bottle 1.5lLes Boissons du CamerounCameroon
6. Opur Bottled WaterPlastic Bottle 1.5lSource du Pays Cameroon
7. OléoPalm OilPlastic Bottle 1lNovia IndustriesCameroon
8. BroliCoffee Whiteners / CreamerCan 1kgAfrica Foods DistributionCameroon
9. Malta GuinnessMalt-based beveragesCan 33clGuinness NigeriaNigeria
10. Jadida MargarineCup/Pot 900g UnsaltedMedoilCameroon
11. OzilHand Wash DetergentsSachet 25gCapital Trading CompanyCameroon
12. JadidaMargarineCup/Pot 250g UnsaltedMedoilCameroon
13. D’jino Carbonated Soft DrinksPlastic Bottle 1lLes Boissons du Cameroun / Groupe CastelCameroon
14. RomaTomato Pastes and PuréesSachet 70gAtlas NégoceCameroon
15. Tangui Bottled WaterPlastic Bottle 1.5lLes Boissons du CamerounCameroon
16. Top (grapefruit)Carbonated Soft DrinksPlastic Bottle 1lLes Boissons du Cameroun / Groupe CastelCameroon
17. Maggi Bouillon Paper box 400g Plastic Package – Cube – 100X4Nestlé Central & West AfricaSwitzerland
18. Top Milk Powder MilkSachet 13gOk Foods CamCameroon
19. Top (pineapple)Carbonated Soft DrinksPlastic Bottle 1lLes Boissons du Cameroun / Groupe CastelCameroon
20. ParleBiscuits Plastic Wrap 0.12gParle ProductsIndia
Top 20 FMCG brands in consumers shopping baskets in Cameroon (in order of most scanned products by panel)

Local FMCG products dominate shopping baskets in Cameroon

Cameroon’s shopping baskets are primarily filled with locally produced FMCG products, highlighting a strong preference for domestic goods. Indeed, from bottled water to household essentials, the majority of items commonly purchased by Cameroonian consumers originate from within the country itself. To note Les Boissons du Cameroun are particularly present in shopping baskets with brands such as Top, D’jino, Tangui and Vitale.

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Products scanned in Cameroon

More on the consumer trends in Cameroon in 2024

To conclude, this data from our online panel provides a quick glance into Cameroonian consumer preferences and shopping habits, empowering businesses to make informed decisions. Contact us today to conduct market research in Cameroon or explore Cameroonian consumer behaviour further. Email us at or click below to get in touch.


This data is sourced from our Shopping Panel within SagaPoll, Africa’s largest online panel, with over 400 brands scanned. 

Population: adults in Cameroon above 18 years old

Base: 509 consumers

Period: 26th to 28th February 2024