Expanding online panel sample services in Africa

Sagaci Research now boasts a full fledged team to support its Online Panel sample services in Africa. Let’s take a step back and look into how we got there and how our online sampling services can help businesses access solid African market insights.

Online panel sample services in Africa, 10 years in the making

Over the last ten years, Sagaci Research has progressively developed a technology that enables the seamless collection of consumer information across Africa. The SagaPoll platform, now covering 54 countries, serves as the backbone for all off the shelf data products (SagaBrand, SagaCube, etc) as well as sample services. 

What is unique about our online research panel in Africa?

The advantages of conducting online surveys in Africa have become increasingly evident, prompting widespread adoption across the research industry. Sagaci Research stands out with its unique sample services, distinguishing itself in multiple aspects.

Quick turn-around time

First, as a mobile-based technology our online sampling platform makes it possible to capture live African insights and consumer trends as they happen. Share your questions (scripted survey or survey link) with our team and within a matter of a few days results will be on their way.

Easy integration with other samples

Our system is built in such a way you can easily blend sample from different panels (eg. your own and ours) as all the data can be collected using the same script. The data is then available in a single database.

Online panel sample services in Africa

Unique African coverage

Alternative online sampling solutions typically cover the largest markets (Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, etc). Our online panel in Africa coverage goes beyond to include more challenging countries. Do you need data from places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo or Rwanda? We have you covered.

Nationally representative and broad demographic reach

With tens of thousands of respondents across the continent, our panel is nationally representative in each country. We track more than 700 variables for each panelist, covering socio-demographic but also consumption and equipment related topics. In terms of socio-demographics, beyond age, gender, income, location we also track items such as education, family composition, race (South Africa), etc.

High quality standards

We use various techniques to identify low quality answers and remove them from the final sample (speeders, flatliners,…). Collected data is also cross-checked with profile information available in our system.

Engaged panelists  

SagaPoll respondents are not just panelists, they are a dynamic community that we interact with actively.  Via a mix of approaches combining attractive activities, reward and fun, our dedicated community management team encourages panel members to visit the app on a daily basis to keep them engaged. 

More on cost-effective sampling in Africa

Do you need access to a solid panel of respondents in Africa? Looking for a reliable partner to facilitate your data collection on the continent? To receive our detailed panel book or schedule a chat with our Online Sample team, click below.