The guide to sourcing a reliable sample provider in Africa

Finding a reliable online sample provider in Africa is essential for businesses looking for a solid consumer research panel on the continent. This guide explores key considerations for choosing a trusted data partner, going over the importance of in-depth consumer profiling, data quality, or responsive operations. 

In-depth profiling for accurate insights

First, when assessing the strength of a provider, the depth of their panel is critical.  At Sagaci Research, we have developed our own proprietary online panel, SagaPoll, spanning 34 markets in Africa. This mobile-based platform ensures participation from African consumers from all socio-economic classes and backgrounds. The panel has grown continuously over the years through various recruitment methods (social media campaigns, google ads, referrals, etc). This diverse approach offers a robust representation of the consumer base and reduces potential bias.

360° view of African consumers

Sagaci Research goes beyond basic demographics by tracking over 700 variables. They touch on socio-demographics, consumption habits, equipment preferences, aspirations, etc. Such a comprehensive approach allows for deeper profiling and more consistent metrics, providing a solid foundation for estimating Incidence Rates and giving data users a thorough picture of the market.

Commitment to panel quality

Our dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards in our panel management is demonstrated through several key initiatives:

  • Automated quality control measures to identify and eliminate any inconsistent results or panelists, ensuring the reliability of our consumer panel
  • ESOMAR membership and a commitment to adhering to rigorous professional standards within the industry
  • ISO certification underway, to validate our ongoing efforts to meet internationally recognized benchmarks for quality and management excellence across the business
  • Data management protocols in strict adherence to GDPR / privacy rules
sample provider in Africa

Reactivity and operational excellence

Sagaci Research distinguishes itself as a sample provider in Africa through its reactivity and operational agility. From the quick turnaround times—from request to quote (~2h), to project initiation, and through to data delivery—Sagaci ensures that 80% of the target can be reached within one to three days (for the general population). Achieving 100% delivery of the promised sample is also crucial and made possible by our precise feasibility assessments. This efficient operational model is instrumental in delivering timely insights and supporting swift decision-making processes.

“80% of the target can be reached within 1 to 3 days”

— Sagaci Research online sample data delivery

A client-centric and realistic approach

Maintaining a realistic approach to our offerings is also essential. We only quote what we can confidently deliver based on solid data and panel feasibility. Our panel team provides constant feedback and suggests relevant adjustments in the field when necessary. Clear and open communication is crucial for ensuring a seamless project execution and fostering a strong partnership.

So for more information on our market research samples or how to leverage our online panel in Africa, get in touch us on Alternatively, for a quick overview of the depth of our market research sample, you can download our panel book below.