2024 Insights into Fresh Food Consumption in Africa

Fresh food consumption in Africa is intricately linked to the continent’s diverse climates and rich agricultural landscapes. Consequently, fruits and vegetables are essential parts of the diet across the region. A SagaPoll survey conducted with 16,300 respondents across 30 African countries in early June 2024 highlights the significance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the African diet as well as regional preferences.

Fruit consumption in Africa

Survey results show that 81% of respondents reported consuming fruit at least a few times a week, with bananas, oranges, apples and mangoes being the most popular across the continent. 

Bananas lead the list at 66%, and are particularly favored in East Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda). Oranges, meanwhile, consumed by 56% of the panel, are most popular in Botswana, Madagascar, Kenya, Congo, and Tanzania. Apples, at 44% see the highest consumption in Southern Africa (Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe).

Fresh food consumption in Africa
Fruit consumption in Africa – June 2024

Vegetable consumption in Africa

When it comes to vegetables, 87% of respondents eat them at least a few times a week, averaging five different types, making them even more consumed than fruits. 

Tomatoes, onions, carrots, and cabbage are the most consumed vegetables. Tomatoes are particularly popular in Algeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, and Kenya. Onions are favored in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, and Algeria. Meanwhile, carrots see high consumption in Senegal, Rwanda, Morocco, Botswana, and Algeria. Tomatoes and onions, in particular, are staples in most African countries included in this survey, with consumption rates often exceeding 60-70% throughout the panel.

Fresh vegetables consumption in Africa – June 24

Gathering insights on fresh food consumption in Africa

With our pan-African online research panel, we capture up-to-date fresh food consumption patterns across Africa, covering a wide range of categories including packaged foods, snacks, dairy, cooking ingredients, and more.

To gain deeper insights into this topic, we examined the evolution of food consumption in Africa in 2023, focusing on how inflation has influenced consumer behavior.

In a nutshell, the SagaPoll online panel is a perfect tool to gather quick and up-to-date insights into African consumers’ lifestyles and dietary preferences, providing valuable data for market research needs.

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