Sagaci Research appoints Product Test expert as new Quantitative Research Director

Product Test expert Paloma Orejas joins Sagaci Research

Barcelona, 23 March 2022 – Sagaci Research appoints Product Test expert Paloma Orejas as new Quantitative Research Director. She will lead the Quantitative Consumer Research department. This appointment will reinforce Sagaci Research service offering in technical consumer insights and Product testing in Africa. 

Paloma brings 13 years of experience in consumer research with a unique focus on sensory assessment services. In her last position as Sensory Research Director, Paloma specialized in food and beverage consumer products. As such she provided outsourced services to one of the world leading groups in the alcoholic beverages sector. In this role she oversaw a wide range of beverages sensory research projects in Africa. She now brings to Sagaci Research extensive experience in methodologies related to Sensory Research and Product Testing. These include quantitative descriptive analysis, shelf life testing, benchmarking studies, sensory panel management, etc. 

In a context of a dynamic African market with constant product innovation, the appointment of Orejas will be instrumental for Sagaci Research. Indeed it will help the company meet strong demand for high quality locally sourced insights.

Key appointment to strengthen Product Test capabilities

“Paloma will be instrumental in growing further the Product Testing area of our business.”

Paloma reports to Julien Garcier, Managing Director. “I am excited to welcome Paloma to the Sagaci Research senior team” Garcier said. “Her track record and depth of technical expertise in Product Testing, more specifically Sensory research, are impressive. This makes her an ideal leader to build on the great work of the Sagaci Research team. It will certainly deepen our technical skill set in some key FMCG categories in Africa. We have heavily invested in the last couple of years in developing large online research capabilities. However, the need for product testing is still there and will always remain complementary. As such, Paloma will be instrumental in growing further this area of our business.”

Paloma has a Postgraduate Certificate in Sensory and Consumer Science from Nottingham University. She was also awarded a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Food & Agriculture from the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. 

About Sagaci Research

Sagaci Research is the leading Africa-focused data and analytics firm. Its unique consumer and trade related data-feeds provide up-to-date insights to a large customer base. These include multinational companies, local firms, investors and consulting firms.

Beyond customized feeds and surveys, the company’s range of data products includes SagaBrand (Syndicated daily brand health tracker) and SagaCube (Online category consumption metrics). Flagship products also include SagaTracker (Retail audits) and SagaTrade (Outlet census). Its exclusive proprietary panel covers 34 countries across the African continent, which makes Sagaci Research a unique supplier of high-quality data and information.

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