Market Research Webinars in Africa: case studies on Brand Tracking

Market Research Webinars in Africa, the perfect way to learn

Market Research Webinars in Africa are a valuable way of obtaining useful information on a specific topic related to research on the African continent. On Wednesday 21st June 2023, the Sagaci Research team hosted a webinar about the Benefits of Brand Tracking in Africa.

In this webinar, our product team took an in-depth look at real life case studies. Each outlined the various benefits monitoring brand health and performance can have on business strategy and decision making in the complex African markets.

Key Webinar topics

Here are some details on the case studies discussed during the webinar. Each highlights a key objective of brand tracking along with real life examples of brands operating in Africa.  

  • Case study 1: Assess the impact of marketing campaigns with the example of supermarket brands in Kenya (Quickmart and Naivas
  • Case study 2: Compare brand performance against the competition with the whisky market in Côte d’Ivoire and a focus on brands such as William Lawson’s and Ballantine’s
Market Research Webinars in Africa
Extract from Market Research Webinar on Brand Tracking in Africa

  • Case study 3: Assess the impact of external market shocks focusing on foodservice players such as Burger King and KFC in Kenya 
  • Case study 4: Compare brand performance between countries with a deep dive on Standard Chartered Bank performance across Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and other countries 
  • Case study 5: Identify up-and-coming brands in the Carbonated Soft Drinks sector in Cameroon with brands such as World Cola, American Cola and Coca-Cola
  • Case study 6: Diagnose brand strengths and weaknesses with Yoghurt brands in Cameroon (Dolima and Crémor)
Market Research Webinars in Africa
Extract from Market Research Webinar on Brand Tracking in Africa

Access the Webinar video

To access the full video of the presentation please click below. Feel free to reach out if you would also like to receive the presentation deck.

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To sum up, Sagaci Research webinars help you remain up to date with African market research trends. For example, as part of our webinar series in Africa, here are some of the themes we have discussed.

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  • Product Testing: Utilizing the power of Consumer Experience to drive Product Innovation and Optimisation (June 2023)

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