Are African countries proud of Morocco in the World Cup 2022?

Last Saturday, after the match against Portugal, Morocco became the very first African country to ever reach a World Cup semi-final. The world seems to be surprised, but what do other African countries really feel about Morocco in the World Cup 2022? Are they happy? Or do they wish their team was in the Moroccan team’s place?

Continue reading this article to find out what other African countries really feel about the achievement of the Moroccan team.

A great and unexpected achievement for Africa

Our online African panel is proud of Morocco reaching the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Leveraging our pan-African SagaPoll online research panel, we found that 79% of surveyed respondents think that this is a great achievement for the African continent. This number varies across gender (men are expectedly more cheerful than women) but also countries. Unsurprisingly Moroccans show the most excitement of all nations with 93% of them showing unequivocal enthusiasm for the accomplishment of their national team. 

African feelings about Morocco in the World Cup 2022

Cameroon, the least enthused about Morocco’s accomplishment

10% of our African community doesn’t feel like they connect with Morocco in this context, Cameroon being the top country affirming that (13%). It is also the country where most people would have preferred to see their national team getting that far in the game (11% vs. 6% on average). Coming from the African team that has qualified the most for a World Cup (8 times), it might not be so much of a surprise. Especially as they recently dropped themselves from the competition at the Group stage.

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South Africa, the least interested in the World Cup 2022

With many football fans among the panelists, only 6% of our community doesn’t really care about the World Cup. Surprisingly, South Africa, which hosted the World Cup competition in 2010, now shows the least interest in the event with 13% of respondents from the rainbow nation declaring not caring about the World Cup, the highest score across all surveyed countries.

The African continent is well represented in the World Cup 2022 by the Moroccan team

The vast majority of our panel (80%) believes that Morocco is representing the African continent very well. While some of them don’t have an opinion (10% neither agree or disagree), only 6% of Africans don’t think Morocco is the best country to represent Africa in this huge world event. Here, Zimbabwe comes out as the country the least convinced by the Moroccan team (10%). 

Morocco representing Africa in the World Cup

Africans believe that Morocco will win the World Cup 2022

With the semi-final Morocco vs France scheduled for tonight, 40% of people think Morocco will win the competition. Interestingly women are more optimistic for the North African team than men (46% vs 36%). Around 28% predict Argentina will be the winner, 25% expect France to win and only 7% are behind Croatia (note: this survey was conducted on the day of the Argentina vs. Croatia semi-final, 13th Dec 2022).

Expectation for the winner of the World Cup 2022

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This article is leveraging SagaPoll, Sagaci Research’s online panel in Morocco and across all 54 countries in Africa.

SagaPoll daily survey asked the online panel on 13th December 2022 to over 20,000 respondents across the African continent. 


Q: From the following statement, which ones best represent your feeling about Morocco being the first ever African country to reach the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup?

A: This is awesome. A great achievement for the African continent!

A: This is great but I don’t really connect with Morocco

A: I don’t really care about the World Cup

A: I would only feel good if it was my own country to reach the semi-finals

Q: To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement : “The African continent is well represented in the World Cup 2022 by the Moroccan team”?

Q: Who do you think will win the World Cup 2022?