Market research in Morocco

Morocco is a large and diverse economy, it is the fifth largest by GDP on the continent. Around half of the country’s GDP comes from its services sector, with other major contributors being telecom, textiles, and tourism. Services also employ about 40% of the workforce. Morocco, a very urbanized country, has major urban centres along its Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

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Market research in Morocco 2

About Morocco

Morocco, a country of over 36 million people, is located in North-West Africa. It shares borders with Algeria, and the city of Tangiers represents the beginning of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Covid-19 pandemic, like for many countries, proved a difficult time. As tourism came to a halt, the country experienced a sharp decrease in revenue. As a result, Morocco’s GDP contracted by as much as 7% in 2020.

However, the government’s response has been successful, and recovery is well underway. The World Bank projects GDP to grow by 4.6% in 2021. Morocco has close ties with Spain, France, and the rest of the EU thanks to its proximity and shared history. There are strong prospects in a number of sectors, including but not limited to aerospace, energy, water and waste management, construction, healthcare, telecommunications, and infrastructure. 

Why conduct market research

The capital, Rabat, serves as an important administrative centre with historical landmarks. Casablanca is the country’s largest city and is known for its port, touristic attractions, and as the main commercial hub of the country. The wealth of culture, its proximity to major markets, its healthy business environment, and friendliness to foreign investment make Morocco an ideal choice to pursue or continue your business in the country.

There are some barriers to doing business in Morocco, mainly in the shape of transparency issues and cumbersome government regulations and procedures. The banking system can also be somewhat hard to navigate. Though notable efforts have been made recently in order to align with global practices. 

Representative market data

Morocco is a unique country. Its consumer base is mostly urban, it shares similar customs and traditions across the country. However, there are strong differences between the coastal areas and inland Morocco. There are also noteworthy variations between cities themselves. As a result, it is primordial to conduct effective and representative research in order to make informed decisions in the country. These will ensure your success.

Here at Sagaci Research, we are ready to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed in the country, with access to unparalleled data and analysis. Here are some of our offerings: 

Market research methods in Morocco

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