Top 10 Retailer brands in Cameroon: supermarkets with the highest Awareness score in March 2022

In December 2021 CFAO Retail Cameroon opened in Douala the first Supeco Akwa Dubai in Cameroon. This is one of the newest retailer brands in Cameroon. It is targeting the working classes and competing with BAO, from the Casino group.

How did these players perform in the ranking of Retailer Brands in Cameroon?

In our March 2022 ranking of Retailer Brands in Cameroon (according to the Awareness score), Cameroon brand Santa Lucia came #1. Another local retailer Dôvv follows at #2. Meanwhile the CFAO group with Carrefour is #3. The Casino Group secures two spots with Casino (#5) and BAO (#9). Finally the other international brands in the list are Super U (#6) and Spar (#10).  

Ranking of Retailer brands in Cameroon, based on their awareness score in March 2022:

  1. Santa Lucia (Cameroon)
  2. Dôvv (Cameroon)
  3. Carrefour (owned by CFAO – International)
  4. Supermarché Mahima  (Cameroon)
  5. Casino (International)
  6. Super U (International)
  7. Belavie (Cameroon)
  8. Kado (Cameroon)
  9. BAO (International, owned by 3C Cameroun, Casino group)
  10. Spar (International, managed locally by l’Atrium SA, a Joint Venture between Groupe Arno and Dee-Lite)

Below find out more details about the Top 10 Retailer Brands in Cameroon.

Top retailer brands in Cameroon dominated by local supermarkets (awareness)

How did Supeco perform in the ranking of Retailer Brands in Cameroon?

Whilst Supeco still has a long way to go in terms of raising brand awareness, the newcomer has had a respectable initial performance.

When looking at other KPIs, Supeco experiences an impressive climb in brand performance between February and March 2022. In fact, compared to BAO, the CFAO brand has seen a much more important increase in several key performance indicators. Indeed, its Reach, Echo, Consideration and Quality levels have climbed significantly. 

These results come from SagaBrand, our continuous brand health tracking tool in Africa, in which we monitor 16 KPIs across numerous categories.

Could these be signs for optimism for Supeco’s future in Cameroon? 

In his recent remarks to Jeune Afrique, Julien Garcier, Sagaci Research Managing Director, certainly thinks there is room for both players in the market.

“The country is therefore fertile ground for these two players.”

“Unlike Côte d’Ivoire, for example, Cameroon does not have on its territory such a strong player in distribution as Prosuma. The Ivorian retailer has developed several formats. These range from the large supermarket to the small convenience store, including discount on the Ivorian market. The country is therefore fertile ground for these two players” comments Julien Garcier.

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Awareness: Which of the following supermarket brands have you ever heard of? Base: All respondents, N = 824

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Population: Adults above 18 years old

Period: March 2022

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