The largest product database in Africa

For over 12 years, Sagaci Research has curated the largest product database in Africa. Through the expansive reach of our pan-african online panel we consistently gather product data directly from consumers themselves. Today, our database boasts over 400,000 products sourced from 30+ African countries and across dozens of FMCG categories.

Leveraging the largest product database in Africa

Our continuously updated African consumer goods database offers numerous advantages for brands and retailers. It serves as a valuable tool to explore the following:

  • What products/packaging are your competitors offering? 
  • Where are specific products available across the continent?
  • What is the depth and landscape of a specific FMCG category?
  • Who are your potential competitors? 
  • Where are potential product assortment gaps? 
  • What are the key products in consumers’ daily lives?
  • What do buyers think about your products and those of competitors?
  • Etc.

Additionally, it naturally serves as a key component in the ongoing refinement of our products, such as the SagaBrand brand tracker and SagaCube with automated consumption analysis, as well as our bespoke services.

What product details do we capture?

Beyond scanning barcodes, our panel members across Africa capture product photos, detailed product description (including packaging size) as well as consumer rating (on a scale from 1 to 5). Finally, they provide qualitative comments / reviews.

product database in Africa
Screenshots of SagaPoll app capturing products details – barcode, rating, comments, etc

Depth of product database

Let’s take the example of Beauty & Personal Care, one of the hundreds of categories we track. 

Below is the number of unique barcodes currently cataloged only in the Beauty & Personal Care category of our database across Africa.

  • Beauty & Personal care – over 37,000 unique barcodes
    • Body lotion / cream 
    • Bar soap
    • Hair food 
    • Toothpaste
    • Shampoo
    • Styling Agents and Gel 
    • Deodorant Sprays
    • Body Wash/Shower Gel
    • Etc…

Example of the Body Lotion category in Kenya

Let’s dive into the Body lotion category and focus on the Kenyan market. Here is an extract of our repository with 10 products among the hundred scanned.

BarcodeCategoryBrandDescriptionPackaging sizePicture
6164004675580Body lotion/creamVASELINEVaseline Body lotion/cream Men – CoolingPlastic Bottle 400ml
6161110963570Body lotion/creamNICE & LOVELYNice & Lovely Body lotion/creamPlastic Bottle 200ml
6161100043664Body lotion/creamAMARAAmara Body lotion/cream OtherPlastic Bottle 400ml Body milk
6161104343630Body lotion/creamZOEZoe Body lotion/creamPlastic Bottle 400ml
4005900378606Body lotion/creamNIVEANivea Body lotion/creamPlastic Bottle 400ml
616111096162Body lotion/creamVersmanVersman Body lotion/cream SportyPlastic Bottle 200ml
6161100881860Body lotion/creamValonValon Body lotion/cream Nourishing: Cocoa ButterPlastic Bottle 200ml
6161102008937Body lotion/creamImperial LeatherImperial Leather Body lotion/cream Japanese spaPlastic Bottle 400ml
6161101575829Body lotion/creamSiriSiri Body lotion/creamCup/Pot 200ml
6181100320145Body lotion/creamCocodermCocoderm Body lotion/creamCup/Pot 150ml

Find out more about SagaPoll and online research in Africa

In conclusion, Sagaci Research’s online survey platform, SagaPoll, gathers thousands of data points daily from over 25,000 respondents, covering everything from brand tracking, consumption habits to customized surveys. SagaPoll stands as Africa’s premier online survey community and the primary source of high-quality data in Africa. This product dictionary is only one of the various ways to leverage our online research panel

Reach out to our team for more information on online market research in Africa. Send us an email to to explore how the largest FMCG repository on the continent can enhance your consumer insights and market understanding.