Key FMCG distributors in Kenya

What information is included?

We offer an up-to-date database on the most relevant importers and distributors in Kenya, including contact details, key people and product categories covered, which include home care products, processed and fresh foods, alcohol and tobacco, soft drinks and confectionery. This information has been compiled first hand by our teams on the ground and direct contact with distributors.

To whom is this information relevant?

New FMCG brands and manufacturers looking to enter the Kenyan market:

  • Utilise database as initial steps in entry and expansion plans
  • Assist with due diligence process

For existing FMCG brands and manufacturers looking to review their current distribution in the country:

  • Our database provides useful benchmarks of the current players in the market

Product background

The African continent continues to show strong economic growth and is becoming more interesting for global FMCG players. The growing middle class and their spending power makes countries like Kenya attractive.
Distribution of FMCG products in Africa is particularly important and requires an established local presence and network, which is imperative for commercial success. In addition, modern retail channels are not as developed as the Western world and therefore require expertise in supplying to the traditional retail channels. In Kenya, modern food retail share accounts for merely 7% of total food retail sales. This reliance on the traditional retail channels creates several challenges for FMCG firms who are either looking to expand or are already operating in Kenya (or other parts of Africa) such as product availability, trade coverage, pricing and capacity to reach point of sales.

Get answers to these questions:

  • Who are the key distribution players in Kenya?
  • How large are the distributors (revenues, employees, trade network)?
  • What are the main brands that are distributed?
  • What are the FMCG product categories distributed?
  • Who are the main contact personnel and contact details?

Publication Details

  • Excel XLS file


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