Navigating Modern Trade in Africa in 2023: Insights from Market Research Webinars

Modern Trade in Africa has been experiencing significant growth in the recent decade, driven by factors such as urbanization, increased consumer spending, and investments in infrastructure. Going beyond this observation and drawing on Sagaci Research’s deep expertise in Modern Retail in Africa, our team discussed in a recent webinar the situation of Modern Distribution across the continent. Below are the key insights from this webinar.

The current situation of Modern Trade in Africa

  • The uneven development of modern distribution across regions,
  • The necessary factors needed for modern retail to grow, 
  • The modern trade competitive landscape between regional players (eg. Naivas, Quickmart, Prosuma…) as well as international retailers (eg. Carrefour

Consumer needs in the retail space

  • The African retail industry addresses different consumers’ expectations between modern trade and traditional retail
  • The relevance of various purchase channels by categories 
  • How each retail concept attract different consumer profiles (eg. Carrefour and Naivas in Kenya, Auchan vs. Supeco in Côte d’Ivoire, BAO vs Supeco in Cameroon)

The impact and consequences of inflation on manufacturers and consumers 

Modern Trade in Africa
Factors impacting Modern Trade in Africa in 2023

Outlook for the Modern Trade in Africa in the coming years 

  • The emergence of new store formats, 
  • Various types of opportunities across countries, 
  • Retail sector challenges related to logistics, supply chain, etc

Therefore if you are interested in these topics, you can go further and watch the webinar replay by clicking below. 

Webinar speakers

  • Julien Garcier, co-Founder and Managing Director, Sagaci Research
  • Thierry Komegni, Senior Trade Research Executive, Sagaci Research

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