How is the Long Life Milk market behaving in Kenya?

SagaTracker, our syndicated retail audit tool, is continuously tracking different FMCG categories in several African countries.

One of those categories is Dairy and we want to share with you the Q3 2021 results for “Long Life Milk” in Kenya. 

What is Long Life Milk?

Numeric Distribution:

The leader in numeric distribution -brand availability-, is Tuzo, followed by Lato Milk and Fresha.

Numeric Distribution
Showing the top 10 brands in Numeric Distribution for Long Like Milk in Kenya
Value Market Share:

In terms of market share, we can see that Tuzo continues to shine on top of all other brands in the category. However, Lato Milk reverses 3 positions vs numeric distribution because even though they are present in more outlets than Fresha, Brookside and Mount Kenya Milk, their sales value is below the previous brands mentioned.

Market Share
Showing the top 10 brands in Market Share for Long Like Milk in Kenya

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Author: Bernat Llop
IT Department