e-commerce in Egypt

This publication presents a detailed description of the e-commerce market in Egypt, including its most distinctive characteristics, current size and prospects for development. It supplies key insights into the landscape and players in the e-commerce sector, including rankings of largest players in the market and forecasts of growth till 2016 in each product and service category.

In addition, the publication focuses on areas of growth that can be further leveraged by companies that currently exist in the market and those considering entering in the near future. It also provides an overview of the key enabling factors and consumer preferences.

Key elements available in this publication

  • Size of the e-commerce market in Egypt and forecasted growth 2013-2016
  • Database of e-commerce companies in Egypt by category and type of operation
  • E-commerce sector players competitiveness in the market vis a vis brick-and-mortar retailers, (e.g. pricing, assortment, …)
  • Ranking and profiles of the main e-commerce players, based on face to face interviews and desk research performed on the ground
  • Consumer preferences for shopping online, based on interviews to final consumers
  • City attractiveness and potential online consumption for 80 cities


Who should use this publication

  • Manufacturers and retailers, evaluating strategy and potential for growth by going online in Egypt
  • Internet players, understanding how and if to enter the market and how to position websites in the market
  • Current internet players, evaluating the competitive environment for this market


Table of contents

The full table of contents, with the list of all tables and figures, is available here.