South African variety store chain looks north for growth

Miniso is not the only variety-store chain seeking to expand in the sub-Saharan market. South Africa-based discount variety chain The Crazy Store currently has 347 stores, including 14 in Namibia and two in Botswana, with more on the way in both countries and longer term plans to expand into other sub-Saharan markets. Having opened its first store in Namibia during 2006, it entered the Botswanan market in May 2017 and had opened a second outlet within 12 months.

As befits a chain with the tagline “You never know what you might find,” The Crazy Store covers a broad variety of categories, ranging from confectionary, toys and pet care to hardware, homewares, personal care and fashion. Speaking to website Economist Namibia, managing director Kevin Lennett claimed that the chain’s success was partly due to the fact that affluent consumers had become more price sensitive in their shopping habits.
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