Retail Landscape across Africa: Traditional and Informal Retailers (database)

Sagaci Research offers the most comprehensive database of the retail landscape, in the African continent. The data includes the number of outlets of both traditional and modern retailers from stores to traditional markets, kiosks and table-tops. Leveraging on its local field team, Sagaci Research is able to conduct reliable fieldwork and to extrapolate the total number of store figures for each major African city and country.

The database is accessible online and includes the following information:

  • Number of outlets
  • Selling Area size 

Each variable is available by:

  • Category: Grocery, Non-Grocery
  • Subcategory: liquor specialists, automotive & motorcycles, electronics, appliances, camera & photo, building materials,  clothing, apparel & footwear, beauty & personal care, furnishings & furniture (to see full list please click here)
  • Outlet Format: Specialist retailer stores, Mixed retailer stores, Kiosks, Stand-alone-table-tops, Traditional Market stalls

Database Sample


Database Brochure

  • Find our Retail Landscape in Kenya Brochure here.

Publication Details

  • Excel file with more than 500 data points per country
  • Data available at total country and major city level
  • To see full table of content click here