Grocery retail in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)

This publication presents a detailed description of the grocery retail market in Addis Ababa, including its current status and prospects for development. It supplies foundational macroeconomic, demographic, business and consumer data for 2008-2012 and forecasts for 2013-2018.

The market overview is complemented by deep-dives into selected topics such as traditional retailers’ operating models, road-to-markets and key distributors, list and characteristics of modern retailers, total number of outlets (on-trade and off-trade) by type, pricing analysis,…

This report provides readers with an essential knowledge on the market.

Prime objectives of this publication

  • Provide an in-depth view on the country grocery retail landscape, covering modern and traditional channels, on-trade and off-trade
  • Supply key macro-economic data on the retail market including 2013-2018 forecasts leveraging our retail expertise in emerging markets
  • Provide list of key modern retailers with total number of stores, total surface, 2012 estimated grocery sales,…
  • Describe business and operating models for traditional retailers and wholesalers/distributors providing transparency on road-to-markets
  • Identify priority regions across the country as well as sub-cities within Addis Ababa for retail / consumer goods companies, based on wealth and overall business potential


  • Analyses in the report are mainly based on primary research conducted by Sagaci Research in Ethiopia in June 2013.
  • Primary research data has been collected either through store owners and local experts interviews (~80 interviews conducted), store visits (100+ store visited), store census and consumer surveys (~700 consumers interviewed).
  • Our Analysts also leverage secondary sources from time to time. All sources are listed in the reports.
  • Using our own research/field team to gather data allow our analyses to be up-to-date and based on real/verified data.

Table of contents

The full table of contents, with the list of all tables and figures, is available here.

Publication format

  • PDF document
  • 74 pages