Chinese variety store chain continues its rapid African expansion

Miniso entered its seventh African market in September, opening a store in the Ghanaian capital Accra. It already had stores in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Uganda, and Morocco, and its latest opening brings its total number of stores in Africa (excluding South Africa) to more than 30. Miniso sells products ranging from homewares and consumer electronics to fragrances and cosmetics. It also sells products licensed by such high-profile pop culture brands as Marvel.
According to Edinam Akpakli, Miniso country manager in Ghana, “Our favourable price point is not temporary, as a market entry strategy. It is here to stay. As an example, the prices of 77% of our current products are less than GHS40 (USD7.35) and 98% are less than GHS100 (USD18.41).”
The Sagaci Research View: Independent Chinese retailers have long been active in Africa, but Miniso is the first Chinese retail chain to establish a significant presence on the continent. Indeed, Miniso’s global expansion appears to be at least as focused on emerging markets as developed ones. With highly competitive pricing, a wide slection of fun and useful products, and colourful, attractive stores, Miniso provides a retail offer that is tailored to the mass market African consumer – a segment that is currently significantly underserved, particularly by international retailers.
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