Auchan’s African sales topped €100 million in 2018

French retailer Auchan saw its African sales rise by 153% during 2018, to €101 million. Africa was the only region in which it saw increased sales during the year. But despite doubling, the share of Auchan’s sales accounted for by African markets remains very small – 0.2%.
Auchan currently operates 28 supermarkets and convenience stores in Senegal and two franchised stores in neighbouring Mauritania. It also operates 81 Tunisian stores in an equity partnership with Magasin Général (Auchan’s stake is 10%). With Carrefour franchisee CFAO retail having opened its first store in Dakar earlier this year (see our previous story), Auchan is set to face increased competition in the key Senegalese market.
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