What are we reading about Africa this week

Walmart lines up for slice of Kenyan retail – Financial Times – Kenya
Walmart’s move into Kenya highlights the sea change in the continent, as a nascent consumer class expands and draws in foreign investors who had previously overlooked the African middle class — estimated at a total 350m people by some metrics.
Nestlé cuts Africa workforce as middle class growth disappoints – SwissInfo – Africa
Nestlé, the biggest food and drinks company, is cutting 15 per cent of its workforce across 21 African countries because it says it overestimated the rise of the middle class.
The too fertile crescent – The Economist – Egypt
After 50 years of decline, the fertility rate in Egypt, the region’s most populous nation, is now back up to 3.5. That is lower than in Iraq and Yemen where it is over four, but above Saudi Arabia and Iran.
The mighty fallen – The Economist – Ghana
HOW do you spot an economic crisis from afar? Abandoned building projects are one red flag. So are relentless power cuts. Ghana has plenty of both
Nigeria’s SMEs: feeling every bump – Financial Times – Nigeria
From hairdressers to film companies, the vast majority of companies in Nigeria are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They account for the livelihoods of most of the country’s 173m people, and are engines of diversification for a country long reliant on oil.
Africa in picture – BBC News – Africa
L’Afrique donne le coup d’envoi à un marché commun « du Cap au Caire – Le Monde – Africa
Un siècle et quelques années plus tard, à Charm el-Cheikh (en Egypte), vingt-six dirigeants de pays d’Afrique ont, mercredi 10 juin, posé les bases d’un vaste marché unique courant de l’Afrique du Sud au Caire
La taille de la classe moyenne africaine divise les experts – Le Monde – Africa
La réponse est à chercher dans la définition même de la classe moyenne africaine, établie par les divers instituts de mesure. Pour la BAD, un Africain appartient à la classe moyenne lorsque son revenu quotidien est compris entre 2,2 et 20 dollars.