The essence of success

Essenza, one of the biggest specialty retailers of fragrances, cosmetics, and skincare products in Nigeria, recently opened its 32nd outlet in Abuja’s Jabi Lake mall. Founded a decade ago, Essenza now has outlets in four out of Nigeria’s five AA-rated malls. It also has two outlets in Ghana, and in 2019, it launched an online store.
Apart from stocking such international brands as Chanel, Armani, and Dior, Essenza also markets an expanding range of private label fragrances, such as Patron de Nuit, Ambre Exclusif, and Le Meilleur.
According to Abiola Kasumu, executive director of Essenza, “There is an increasing appetite for luxury brands in Abuja, and this new store will provide more avenues for our customers to access their preferred local and international brands.”
The Sagaci Research View: Counterfeit products are the bugbear of the personal care market in sub-Saharan Africa, with many consumers extremely suspicious (often with good reason) of what they find on the shelves of local stores. Essenza’s steady growth, its growing range of private label offerings, and its expansion into e-commerce indicate that it is winning the battle for trust with the Nigerian consumer.
The growth of indigenous personal care retailers can also be seen in a number of other African markets, most notably Kenya, where the Best Lady chain has now expanded to 26 outlets.