Decathlon set for a free run in Kenya but faces stiff competition in West Africa

Utilising franchisees, French sportswear and equipment retailer Decathlon is rapidly expanding its store footprint in sub-Saharan Africa. Having entered the Ivorian market in 2016, it opened its first stores in South Africa, Ghana and Tunisia during 2017. In April 2018, it arrived in Egypt and is set to come to Kenya within months.
Speaking to business magazine Jeune Afrique, Julien Garcier, co-founder and co-managing director of Sagaci Research, predicted a rosy future for the Decathlon in Kenya. He noted “Middle class consumers are exhibiting greater interest in sport, and competition in this segment remains limited to second-hand shops and a few high-end retailers like Nairobi Sports House.” However, it is likely to find the going much tougher in Francophone Africa, where City Sport is entrenched in prime locations in city centres and suburban malls. In contrast to Kenya, “Decathlon is not yet in a position to overwhelm its rivals” in this region, Mr Garcier added.
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