Modern Grocery Retail in Kenya – January 2016

This publication provides an overview of the major grocery chains present in Kenya and illustrates the current level of development of modern retail in the country:

    • Provides clear facts on the current state of development of modern retail in Kenya
    • Sheds light on the development opportunities that exist for new entrants and incumbents in the retail industry based on current development levels and size of the upper and middle-class population
    • Quantifies the level of competition in Kenya and benchmarks it against many other African countries
    • Captures the differences in terms of share of modern and traditional retail in Kenya compared to other African countries
    • Compares sales volume of the different players present in Kenya both locally and abroad
    • Highlights the differences in per square meter sales across the different players
    • Comprehensive profiles for the six biggest retail players are also included


Get answers to these questions

  • What is the level of development of modern grocery retail in Kenya?
  • How attractive in the Kenyan retail industry? (i.e. how does modern retail density compare to the size of the upper/middle-class population?)
  • How is the share of modern trade and traditional retail different in Kenya compared to other African economies?
  • What is the current level of fragmentation in Kenya’s retail? How does it compare to other African countries?
  • Which are the leading supermarket chains in Kenya in terms of sales?
  • How are the different chains performing in terms of sales per square meter?
  • What are the current expansion plans of the different players?