"French" Tacos – the fast food taking Morocco by storm

French tacos have emerged as a trend in Moroccan fast food over recent years. “Tacos are ubiquitous in Rabat – the snack can be found in every quarter of the city,” website Moroccan World News recently reported.
Rather than the meat (or seafood), tomatoes, and cilantro typically found in a Mexican taco, French tacos are filled with chips, cheese, and chopped or minced meat and are usually eaten with a variety of sauces. Some describe them as a cross between a sandwich, a burger, and a taco, but all they really have in common with the latter is the flour tortilla. They originated among the Moroccan migrant community of southeastern France sometime around the mid-2000s.
Tacos de Lyon is at the forefront of this growth. It opened its first restaurant in Casablanca during 2012 and currently has 17 outlets, with two more due to open in the near future. Meanwhile, Tacos Avenue, which was founded in Grenoble during 2007 and now has around 20 outlets in France, entered the Moroccan market in 2017, opening franchised restaurants in Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh.
“Five years ago, I lived in France, and my family and I often spent our holidays in Morocco. I decided to import the concept of tacos to Morocco when I noticed that restaurant menus were limited to pizzas and Shawarma,” Tacos de Lyon co-founder Moubarik Abdelhadi told The Huffington Post in 2016, adding that “Everything is imported from France.”
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