Consumer Banking Uganda

In the first edition of the report, we explore the consumer banking landscape in Uganda. This includes information on banking penetration, services used as well as data regarding lending and domestic and international transfers.
The report delves into specific aspects of the consumer banking profile, such as positioning of main brands in the Ugandan market, what bank accounts are used for, the different banking services used by account holders. It also provides insight on the saving and borrowing habits, sources and motivations of urban Ugandans.
The analyses provided are derived from field data collected by our own proprietary field staff from an ample sample (N=990) during the July 2013 in the main urban areas of Uganda.
Professionals will use this publication to

  • Have an overview of the consumer banking sector in Uganda
  • Understand the different banking products penetration in the market
  • Market share’s of the different players
  • Explore the market for remittances, lending, savings and payments

Publication format

  • PDF document
  • 66 pages