SagaTrade: Optimising the Crucial Last Mile of the Supply Chain

SagaTrade, a syndicated database of consumer good outlets across key African cities, continues to evolve. Clients are using this tool to make more informed decisions and increase the efficiency of their supply chains from the warehouse to the store shelf.
Apart from database subscriptions, we also customise add-ons tailored to the specific needs of clients to further enhance the utility of SagaTrade. For example, we created a module that optimised routing and scheduling in Dar Es Salaam for a leading food and beverage brand. Our team segmented all of the city´s points of sale and highlighted geographic clusters of priority retail outlets. They then utilised this information to map 20 routes that minimised delivery times. This tool also incorporates the contact details of stores, including photos, to expedite the delivery process.
More about SagaTrade
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