Outdoor Ad Tracking across African Cities (monthly reports)

Outdoor traditional advertising such as billboard ads is a very popular and effective mean of communication in Africa with penetration rates reaching over 70% in some countries. Every month Sagaci Research publishes monthly reports tracking billboard ads in the major African cities. These publications target both companies interested in monitoring their market presence and players looking to enter a new African city.

Every month Sagaci Research tracks the billboard ads in African cities, collecting and compiling information and statistics on:

  • Advertised brands                                                                            
  • Billboard owner market shares
  • Brand, industry and sub-industry market shares
  • Billboard ad spend share by brand
  • Pictures of the ads being displayed

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Get answers to these questions:

  • How many billboards and billboard facings are there in Nairobi?
  • What is the total spend on billboard ads in Maputo? What about the ad-spend per brand?
  • Which are the most important billboard owners? What is their share?
  • What are the most advertised industries and sub-industries?
  • What are the most sponsored brands? What is their share of total billboard ads?
  • What do the billboard ads look like?

Table of contents

The full table of contents, with the list of all tables and figures, is available here.

Sample Slides


Publication Details:

  • PDF Document of 30-40 pages
  • The reports are published monthly
  • City coverage: Nairobi. Maputo and other cities will be out soon!