Understanding the Nigerian consumer banking scene – Our latest publication

In our report “Consumer Banking Nigeria” released this week (Sept. 30), we explore the consumer banking scene across Nigeria’s urban areas. This highly expected report, on Africa’s largest market, provides key figures on the market and the players. Our analysis allows an in-depth understanding of how and for what Nigerians account holders use their bank and their services and also provides insight on savings and borrowing behavior – penetration, motivation and sources. Data on national and international money transfers is also provided and the report concludes with data on mobile banking brands awareness and service usage.

All analyses in this publication are derived from field data collected by our own proprietary field staff from an ample sample (N=1,200) in July 2013 across the main urban areas of Nigeria.
More information on the report is available on http://sagaciresearch.com/consumer-banking-nigeria/