SagaRetail: Tracking the evolution of modern retail in Africa

Do you want to track the evolution of modern retail in Africa and gain a better understanding of the market positions and strategies of modern retailers (local, regional and international)?
Then subscribe to our SagaRetail suite of products:

  • Retailer database: Exhaustive, continent-wide mapping of chained retail outlets
  • Retailer profiles: In-depth focus on the biggest players in African grocery retail
  • Organised market retail report: Precise market sizing for organised retail in Africa
  • Shopping malls database: Comprehensive data on African malls
  • Shopping malls report: Examining the latest trends in mall development
  • Shopping behaviours monitor: Analysing consumption patterns by country
  • Retail trade density benchmark: Quarterly reports on trade density

All SagaRetail components can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription package.
To find out more, please send us an e-mail or download a brochure