Project watch: Is a proposed cash-and-carry feasible?

Our client was seeking to conduct a site assessment for a cash-and-carry outlet in a large West African city. To this end, we initiated a three-stage study in order to produce projections for footfall and turnover.
Firstly, our field team conducted a survey of 500 local households to capture data on their grocery shopping habits and retail spending patterns. Secondly, a retail census was undertaken, and a representative sample of 70 small retailers and traders in the vicinity of the proposed location was surveyed by means of store visits.
Finally, we analysed the catchment area of the proposed site and assessed its transportation infrastructure, before dividing it into primary, secondary and tertiary zones, as well as assessing potential competitors within a 30km radius.
The study quantified the purchasing power of local consumers and identified a high density of retail outlets and a lack of wholesale competition in the vicinity, providing the client with the information it required to make an informed decision.
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