Egyptian e-commerce: A ~76 M USD market in 2012

Sagaci Research has released a report on the Egyptian e-commerce sector, estimating its revenues at 76 million US dollars by the end of 2012 and with potential to grow 10 fold in the next years.

The report aims at shedding new light into a sector where information is sparse. Our analysts have interviewed personally the main market players, conducted surveys to consumers to understand their preferences and reviewed the main online offers in the country vs their offline alternatives.

The market report “e-commerce in Egypt: An on-going race to the top”, published on March 29th, includes the following elements:

  • Estimates the revenues of e-commerce in Egypt and its growth potential for the next 4 years
  • Profile of players operating in the market
  • Ranking of largest players by revenue
  • Category sales forecast until 2016 (for the main products and service categories)
  • E-commerce infrastructure, focusing on payment gateways and logistics availability and pricing in the country
  • Profiles the consumer of e-commerce and its preferences
  • Sales potential outside of Cairo and Alexandria, identifying the most attractive centers for online shopping
  • Product pricing and range online vs offline

Download here the product brochure

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