Sagaci Insights: SagaIncome and Socio-Demographics

Finding accurate data on household income in Africa can be challenging due to such factors as inadequate national statistics and bouts of monetary instability. At Sagaci Research, we have leveraged our on-the-ground network, which conducts some 600,000 survey interviews annually, to create a more robust alternative – SagaIncome.
Covering five of the continent´s most important cities (Accra, Dakar, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi), this data set is based on in-person interviews with a stratified sample of more than 1,000 of each city´s inhabitants. Covering income from both formal and informal sources, SagaIncome provides insight into the purchasing power of Africa´s rapidly expanding urban consumer base.
Sagaci Research is also launching reports on Socio-Demographic Indicators in Kenya and Senegal. These are based on more than 1,000 in-home, face-to-face interviews and provide detailed information on income, employment, education, housing, household-goods ownership and family dynamics.
They answer such questions as

  • How many households have access to such consumer durables as gas cookers and fridge-freezers, and how do ownership levels vary with income?
  • How many households have an internet or satellite TV subscription or a car/motorbike?
  • How does employment status vary by level of education, gender and age?

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