What are we reading about Africa this week

Africa’s ever-changing lifestyle…rise of snooty wine experts, tech snobs and the beautiful people – Mail & Guardian Africa
Know what a dram is? Neither do we. Africans are more prosperous, living rich, smelling of expensive perfumes–but are also dying of it.
Africa 2030, the next 25 years: From video games, eco-buildings, robotics, and cycling – Mail & Guardian Africa
AS 2015 starts, it is as good a time as any to look to the future – the next 15 to 25 years in Africa. Today, a combination of necessity and want have slowly begun to shape several of Africa’s industries…
Estée Lauder scents opportunity in sub-Saharan AfricaHow we made it in Africa
Since 2009, US cosmetics giant Estée Lauder Companies has widened its presence in sub-Saharan Africa, entering new markets and expanding its product portfolio. In the last five years the company has made forays into Nigeria…
Égypte : les randonneurs (et leurs devises) sont de retour – Jeune Afrique (French)
Résultat du tour de vis sécuritaire décrété par le président Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, la réapparition massive des visiteurs étrangers atteste une nette embellie de l’industrie touristique.
The African dream needs to adapt to leaner times – Financial Times
Sub-Saharan Africa’s emergence from economic torpor and conflict has been underpinned at most times during the past decade and a half by favourable external conditions. Sustaining the momentum in what looks set to be a less benign external environment will require a more proactive and strategic approach by African governments.
Egypt proves best destination for stock market investors – Financial Times
Egypt was 2014’s best destination for stock market investors, producing a total return including dividends and share price rises of more than 30 per cent in a year in which the US led equity rallies in developed economies.