Market research in Gambia

Gambia has a small population, and is therefore home to a relatively small consumer base. However, the country does provide unique opportunities. There is emerging demand for imported goods, which makes the market a growth prospect. Gambia has strong potential for major growth in key sectors. With improved infrastructure and easier investment, the country could leverage its young population and become an important trading and cultural hub.

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About Gambia

Conducting market research in the Gambia provides you and your firm a set of unique opportunities. Located in West Africa, Gambia is surrounded by Senegal, but holds a small coast on the Atlantic Ocean, where its capital, Banjul, can be found. Gambia is a small country, it is the smallest African country on the mainland. The country has suffered greatly in the last decades due to droughts and economic mismanagement. However, it cultivates a rich history of trade dating 10 centuries, in great part thanks to its geographical location. 

Why conduct market research

Agriculture makes up the Gambia’s largest industry. Cultivation of nuts for both local consumption and export, primarily peanuts, is notable. Tourism is also an attractive sector, in part thanks to its coast and beautiful beaches. The country is also rich in wildlife and nature, with attractions along the Gambia river, after which the country is named. Banjul, the capital, is the densest city in the country, but only the 4th most populated. It is however the center for peanut and food production, in addition to tourism. The largest city, however, is Serekunda, an agglomeration of nine villages, making up a larger united urban community. 

Representative market data

Conducting market research is a critical step in ensuring the success of your implementation of development in the Gambian marketplace. The country’s diverse and unique consumer base make it difficult to truly grasp. At Sagaci Research, we provide you the necessary tools to succeed. Here are some of our offerings to leverage your ideas. 

Market research methods in Gambia

Online Panel

An Online Panel in the Gambia ready to answer your questions. Get a lot of respondents from your target audience in an incredibly short timeframe. Learn more here. Learn more here.


SagaBrand allows you to effectively monitor your brand health in the Gambia across a number of KPIs. Make data-driven decisions using our downloadable reports. Find out about your options here.


Choose a category from a list of over 140, and start getting data about consumers. Find out about consumer patterns and preferences across demographics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions! Gain access here. 


Learn about your performance across distribution channels. Make informed decisions by tracking performance across the retail channels of the Gambia. Contact us here

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