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Agriculture remains the most essential sector of the economy and employs around 70% of the labour force in Eswatini. Tourism is growing in importance, as the country manages to advertise and market its rich heritage, from its unique land formation, to the traditional Swazi crafts, or its luscious wildlife and reserves. In those two industry rest the strength of Eswatini’s economy. 

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About Eswatini

The Kingdom of Eswatini is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It is one of the smallest countries on the continent. It is almost encircled by South Africa, but shares a small border with Mozambique. The Kingdom has a small population of slightly over 1 million, and is not evenly distributed. It is mostly rural, with around 75% living in rural areas, and its capital and most significant urban centre Mbabane has a population of under 70,000. 

Difficult climatic conditions, with frequent droughts and floods, have made the country’s most important sector of agriculture significantly difficult. As a result, many adults cross the border into South Africa for work. 

Why conduct market research

The kingdom suffers greatly from underlying issues. It has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the world, making its adult population threatened. Furthermore, the majority of the country’s citizens depend on the informal economy. As a result, it is especially susceptible to external shocks, such as the one posed by Covid-19. The country has struggled to rebound, and its economy is still shrinking.

At first glance, the prospect offered by Eswatini’s marketplace may not be obvious. However, the country has strong infrastructure, with quality roads and telecommunications systems. Secondly, the country is very safe and peaceful, which should reassure you about the prospect of the country’s future.

Representative market data

Effectively conducting market research in the country can prove difficult. Eswatini has a unique consumer base, which is mostly rural and also often travels to neighboring countries to purchase goods and services. Here at Sagaci Research, we can provide you with the necessary tools to succeed in Eswatini. Here are some of our offerings:

Market research methods in Eswatini

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