Market research in Madagascar

Despite widespread issues in Madagascar, the country offers notable opportunities. On demographic levels, the country’s population remains young, and education levels are rising. Madagascar also holds preferential trade agreements with the EU and US, and import trade with East Africa.

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Market research in Madagascar

About Madagascar

Madagascar is an island nation located over 500 km away from the coast of East Africa. The country is home to over 25 million people, in addition to unique landscapes and countless endemic species. It is the most biodiverse country on earth, with over 12 thousand unique plants, and animals like lemurs or fossas. However, due to the countries’ isolation, its population has suffered incredibly and remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Majority of the population still lives under the poverty line. Furthermore, corruption and political instability have further hurt the country. 

Why conduct market research

Several sectors are poised for significant growth in the future, such as textile production and manufacturing, thanks to skilled workers and competitive wages. Your business would also benefit from low startup costs and good infrastructure in major cities of the country. 

However, Madagascar remains an attractive location for investment. It is at the forefront of some very globally demanded products. For example, it is the leading producer of vanilla. It is also an important exporter of sugar, coffee, and minerals such as gemstones. It is also home to unique industries: it is the only country that produces caviar in Africa.

Representative market data

Gaining a strong understanding of Madagascar should be instrumental in ensuring your successful development in the country. However, painting an accurate picture of its consumer base, can prove difficult due to evident differences in habits and trends between coastal and highland populations. Here at Sagaci Research, we are able to provide you the necessary tools to make informed decisions in Madagascar. Here are some of our offerings:

Market research methods in Madagascar

Online Panel

An Online Panel ready to answer your questions on the island. Get a lot of respondents from your target audience in an incredibly short timeframe in Madagascar. Learn more here. Click here for more information


SagaBrand allows you to effectively monitor your brand health on the island of Madagascar across a number of KPIs. Make data-driven decisions using our downloadable reports. Find out about your options here.


Choose a category from a list of over 140, and start getting data about consumers. Find out about consumer patterns and preferences across demographics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions! Gain access here. 


Learn about your performance across distribution channels of Madagascar. Make informed decisions by tracking performance across the retail channels. Contact us here

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