Market research in Cape Verde

Cape Verde provides you and your business incredible opportunities to access a geographically strategic market, with a diverse consumer base with strong purchasing power. Furthermore, different markets are showing promise, from a growing real estate sphere to developing agribusiness despite the climate-related challenges.

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Market Research in Cape Verde

About Cape Verde

The islands of Cape Verde were uninhabited until the 15th century. It is now a culturally diverse country whose Portuguese and various African influences can be seen from its language, art, or textiles. Since gaining its independence in 1975, Cape Verde has had a stable government and economy, with the Cape Verden Escudo historically pegged to the Portuguese Escudo, and the Euro since 1998.

The population among the 9 islands is extremely uneven, with the western ones sparsely settled, and over half the country living on the São Tiago Island, home of the capital Praia. Due to complicated climatic conditions, and repeated famines, Cape Verde’s population has heavily fluctuated in the past, resulting in waves of emigration. With the adoption of more restrictive emigration laws in the most recent decades, population growth has increased. 

Why conduct market research

Cape Verde’s economy is heavily dependent on FDI, remittances, and tourism. Services, such as commerce, transport, tourism, and public services, account for approximately three quarters of the GDP. However, the country is home to strong infrastructure and attracts a lot of foreign investors. The country is also a strategic location to access other markets in West Africa. 

Representative market data

The population fluctuations in the country make reliable and representative market research projects in Cape Verde difficult. Furthermore, the geographic distribution of the islands can make effective polling a logistical ordeal. However, we at Sagaci Research can provide you the necessary tools to gain accurate intel and insight of the reality in the country, such as our Online Panel which allows you to quickly receive answers from your target consumers. Here are some of our offerings:

Market research methods in Cape Verde

Online Panel

Access your target market and gain the information you need in a very short time frame thanks to our mobile-based representatives. Click here for more information


Insights into your brand’s performance can be turned into results. We can provide reports on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis, so you can start to monitor your brand health. Here, you can learn about your options.


Gain access to a unique in depth report about the consumption habits of your target consumers. Choose from a list of over 140 items within your country of interest and download your report today! Gain access here. 


Get key information about which retail channels are most effective for your products. Get access to direct measurements in a tailor-made fashion for your needs. Contact us here

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