Monitor your brand in the retail channels with our Brand Health Tracking in Africa

Syndicated retail audits and brand performance across key African markets

SagaTracker is our brand health tracking in Africa that provides data from on-the-ground measurements in a relevant panel of stores.



Non-alcoholic beverages

Bottled water, Soft drinks, Energy Drinks, Juices

Alcoholic beverages

Beer, Ready-To-Drink, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Other spirits


UHT milk, Fresh milk, Powder milk, Evaporated milk, Flavored milk, Yogurt, Sour milk, Cheese, Butter

Cooking ingredients

Edible oils, Bouillon, Tomato pastes, Mayonnaise

Biscuits and confectionery

Biscuits, Chocolate spreads, Chocolate confectionary, Sugar confectionary, Gum, Salty snacks

Baby food

Dried bay food, Milk Formula

Personal and health care

Bar soap, Hair Care, Skin care, Oral care, Diapers, Condoms

Home care

Toilet paper, Laundry care



DR Congo
Ivory Coast
South Africa


Quarterly, Bi-annual

Pick your category and country, and start getting data with our brand health tracking in Africa

What can you use SagaTracker for?

Assess the true performance of your brands and SKUs at the point of sale set fact-based targets for your commercial plans and monitor progress.

Track your trade performance as well as the key market indicators on a regular basis.

Measure your Brand Health in Africa

Pick your category
Pick your countries of interest
Select your frequency

Track 8 key trade indicators with our Brand Health Tracking tool in Africa

Indicators are available in total for the country or broken down by channel. Indicators available within our brand health tracking tool in Africa

  • Category availability within the panel
  • Numeric distribution (of brands, SKUs and manufacturers)
  • Share of stock and total stock available in the stores (of brands, SKUs and manufacturers)
  • Share of shelves (of brands and manufacturers)
  • Price points of each SKU
  • Market share in value (of brands and manufacturers)
  • Market share in volume (of brands and manufacturers)
  • Average category sales volume per store

Key channels covered

Grocery stores and mini-marts
Table tops
Liquor stores
Beauty stores

Continuously collect data and insights related to your brand in Africa

Track brand performance and brand health

Monitor the trade performance for your key brands on an ongoing basis

Representative retail audit

Assess how your brand is doing across traditional but also modern trade channels

Granular understanding of brand performance

Monitor your performance at brand level but also down to the SKU and at channel level

Standardized approach

Allowing an easy comparison of KPIs between countries

Access the key performance indicators for your business

Numeric distribution, pricing, market shares,…

Pan-African coverage

Monitor your trade performance consistently across multiple markets


Immediate online access to collected data 

No need to wait for a report, immediate access to the data, pre-analyzed and pre-charted. Our platform transforms raw data into structured analyses for your business

Online dashboard with all historical data
Downloadable reports
Downloadable datasets in XLS or CSV format

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