Assessing household consumption and equipment ownership across Africa.

Our unique report covers the consumption habits in Africa and all the equipment related topics, all in one place.

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Consumer Goods / FMCG

  • Non-alcoholic beverages, Alcoholic beverages, Spirits, Baby food, Dairy, Milk, Fresh foods / unpackaged, Bread, Cereals, Confectionery & Snacks, Packaged Goods, Dry Foods, Personal care, Cosmetics & Beauty, Home care products, Tissue and hygiene

Equipment / Appliances

  • Consumer electronics, Phones & Computers, Large Household Appliances, Small Household Appliances, Vehicles

Financial Products / Insurance


North Africa
East Africa
West and Central Africa
DR Congo
Ivory Coast
Southern Africa
South Africa

Pick your category on our consumption habits tool in Africa

A simple way to start getting your consumption habits in Africa. We use a standard questionnaire and approach across all countries and categories, so you don’t need to worry about it.

The SagaCube tracker can help you to decide which product categories within a certain country could generate the best return for your money. 

The SagaCube consumption habits in Africa tool will provide you with a solid and consistent source of key metrics. The data is easy to access from anywhere in the world via our interactive platform. Plus, you can download automatic reports to support your presentations.

Pick your category (view all +140 categories)
Pick your countries of interest

Track fundamental usage indicators for your categories

Gives you immediate insights on your category across the African Consumer Market

Who is using/consuming the category
How frequently do they use/consume?
Where do they purchase the category from?
How often do they purchase it?

4 KPIs tracked

Frequency Consumption / Usage
Purchase Locations
Purchase Frequency

Broken down by key Demographics

Total per country
By age group
By income group
By gender
By location (urban / rural)

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Immediate access to always up-to-date consumer data

Access the data directly on our online platform. Our data is always up to date with the latest information collected directly from our online panels across Africa.

SagaCube provides annual data for 3 or 4 key metrics for 139 different product categories for countries all across the African continent. For fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), SagaCube gives you access to penetration (consumption or usage), consumption or usage frequency, purchase frequency, and purchase locations. For Appliances & Equipment, 3 KPIs are provided – ownership, purchase location and purchase new or second hand. 

Understanding how a particular product category is performing in different countries can help to guide where to invest and how to prioritize your markets.

One easy to access online dashboard for all countries
Downloadable datasets in XLS or CSV format

Get started in the African Market

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