Featured Publications


August 2014

Registered vehicles in Ghana (key statistics)

This publication presents key facts and data on the automotive market in Ghana, based on government registration statistics, and a primary survey conducted in August 2014 by Sagaci Research.


June 2014

Shopping malls across Africa (report)

To cater to the growing African middle-class, a wide range of new shopping centers are planning to be built across the continent. In this second edition of our publication, we aim at providing a fact-based understanding of the shopping mall … Continue reading


March 2014

The “Mass-Affluent” Nigerian Consumer

This report is the first of our Affluent Consumer series covering countries across the African continent. It provides a detailed description of mass affluent households in Nigeria (households with a monthly household income above USD 1,000). The report probes the lifestyle of … Continue reading


November 2013

Garment retail across Africa

This publication provides clear visibility on the current clothing retail landscape across Africa’s key countries and could be market for international clothing retailers. It presents a detailed picture of the garment retail sector across Africa’s key markets and supplies key … Continue reading


September 2013

Consumer Banking Nigeria

In this first edition, we explore consumer banking scene, payment habits and expenses in Nigeria’s urban areas. We explore banking perception of both account and non account holders, and provide: figures on market share, positioning and a comparison on clients … Continue reading